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What you need to know

We are a group of cosplayers that are also artist in other mediums. We were founded because of a mutual shock. Once we become cosplayers our other artistic abilities were ignored.

:bulletblue: Joining :bulletblue:

You must be a cosplayer and have both cosplay and non cosplay work in your gallery to join.

:bulletblue: Submission :bulletblue:

:bulletred: No Cosplay. That would defeat the entire purpose of the group.
:bulletred: No screen caps. Screen caps are art theft and against dA policy.
:bulletred: Submission Limit. There is a limit on Submission. One deviation a day please.
Ever heard of NaNoWriMo or Screnzy?  Y'know, those challenge projects where your goal is to write x-many thousand words of a new story project in a designated span of 30 days?  Here on dA, it's a bit unheard of to avoid catching wind of these ideas.

However, when you're surrounded by a community of artists, it's also kind of hard to escape noticing that there are people out there who cosplay, but also have other talents to share -- and they aren't just writing novels or movie scripts.  They're good at artwork, and they want to prove it.  And a lot of these cosplaying artists really want some kind of reason to put the pencil to paper (or stylus to tablet) and start seriously honing their skills, cranking out a crapload of work just to push the limit and see what they can do, and instead of focusing on the drudgery of their jobs all the time, to have fun with something that isn't cosplay.

Well, deviants who fall into this category, as well as any non-cosplay artists who want the excuse to hone their skills, we've got good news for you…

June is now known as Pencil to Paper Month!

Who decided this?
MargotlaRue and birdewilliams, the founders of Not-JUST-Cosplayers, where we celebrate the artists out there who get the most attention for their cosplays but want to show that they have other artistic talents to offer.  Anges and Birde wanted to promote awareness for this club and its cause, and we both want an excuse to practice our artwork, and realize that a lot of people out there do too.  So, we created our own version of NaNo, but for artists -- Pencil to Paper Month (or P2P if you prefer).

Do I have to be a cosplayer to participate?
Nope!  The challenge was originally created to promote awareness for this club, but we recognize that many artists who aren't cosplayers would like the motivation to focus on their artwork for a while.  Whether you cosplay or not, this challenge is open to anybody who wants to participate.

What does this event entail?
The challenge involves spending 50 hours on artwork in the month of June (that's 1 hour and 40 minutes every day, if you plan to work daily).  By artwork, we mean artwork -- not sketches, doodles, gestures, or practice pieces -- we mean serious artwork.  It doesn't have to be unrivaled quality, and they can be line drawings, but they do have to be legit.  Recolored screencap panels do not count.  The artwork should be able to fit into the folders in this club's gallery.  The purpose should be trying to improve your skills, not just to churn out whatever you can.  Whether you do one drawing that takes 50 hours, or a 300-page comic series, it doesn't matter; count the number of hours put in, not the amount of work turned out.  If you go over 50, that's okay!  We don't stop striving just because we reach a point of satisfaction, we never stop reaching for higher personal records.  50 hours should be seen as a target, but not the endpoint.

What do I win if I participate?
This is a challenge, not a contest, so there isn't really a "winner" -- there are simply those who succeed, and those who give it their best but can't quite make it due to other life factors taking precedence.  So what does anybody win from participating in a challenge like P2P?  You get the satisfaction of knowing you CAN produce this much work, you CAN set a goal and accomplish it, and you ARE as good as you always knew you were.  But is that all?  Not this time!  The participants who put in the highest amount of hours will get their work featured in the Not-JUST-Cosplayers blog, AND on the journals of its founders.  If you have any prizes you'd like to offer as extra motivational tools, you can feel free to comment ON THIS BLOG stating what you'd like to donate!  This can be artwork, stories, features, or actual physical merchandise.

How do I get involved?
Comment on THIS BLOG ENTRY stating that you're going to get involved… and then do it!  Additionally, you should repost this journal on your dA and LJ and what-have-you, telling people that you're getting involved in this challenge.  That will spread awareness of and promote the idea, encourage your friends to support you which will give you added motivation, and hopefully, inspire them to participate too.  This is not limited to dA, so spread the word!

We're participating.  Are you?

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